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Send customized email newsletters to multiple recipients
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SuperMailer is a program that can create and send serial emails.
There are many situations in which you will have the necessity to create emails that will be written once, but that can include some recipient´s data, to make them look personalized. This way, the recipients will believe that you wrote that email specially for them. You may want to send this kind of emails to offer products or services, or distribute a newsletter between your contacts.

SuperMailer allows to create this type of emails like if you were using a word processor. This program can produce HTML or text emails. The program is able to import your recipients from a text file, or your current email client. You can later customize the recipients list, by changing the information that it contains, or the name of the fields that you will use in your emails. The program also allows to check if the addresses contained in the list are valid. You can define which words in a response will the program use to subscribe or unsuscribe an address. Then, you can create the email, including the field names from the database to create an illusion that they are customized for each recipient.

The unregistered version of this program will run for free for thirty days. During that period, you will be able to use the program to send emails to twenty five recipients, and all of them will show the legend "Sent by SuperMailer".

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It includes every tool that will be necessary to create and send serial emails


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